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Schubert: The Great Piano Works

The final two concerts in this celebration of Schubert's great Sonatas and major piano works at Kings Place, London are on 10 October and 9 December. This is Tirimo's first Schubert series in London since 1997, the 200th anniversary of Schubert’s birth. Renowned for his Schubert interpretations, recordings and also for his Urtext edition, and described by the Guardian as 'a real Schubertian master' and by The Daily Telegraph as 'quite simply an ideal Schubert interpreter', these final two concerts will include the last two great Sonatas and promise to be memorable events. Read more.

“Tirimo has the uncanny ability to make the audience feel it is in the very presence of the composer.

Schubert reveals himself to a great degree in his piano pieces, writing them throughout his brief life. Hence he places every kind of emotion into the music. Tirimo replicates these utterly human feelings. He brings a remarkable clarity of thought, an empathy for Schubert's wondrous music and an architectural understanding so that the composer's often original structures become clear yet still intrigue in their innovation.

From Tirimo Schubert is elevated to the very greatest level in music. A visit to the Rembrandt exhibition at the National Gallery allows an exploration of the link between these two geniuses, where all humanity seems to flow from their individual creativity. Tirimo is one of the very few interpreters of Schubert who suggests this comparison.”

Classical Source, January 2015 - read full review

Schubert Piano Sonatas boxed set

Warners have released an 8-CD boxed set (formerly on EMI) of all 21 Sonatas played by Martino Tirimo, and the set is offered at a special low price.

“An inspiring poet of the piano... a pianist of vision... his playing is among the most haunting and fascinating of all.”  
The Daily Telegraph

On this website you can find details of Tirimo's career including:

“A formidable virtuoso and one with unmistakeable magnetism.”
The Guardian

With the Vienna Philharmonic in Athens
With the Vienna Philharmonic in Athens
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There are details of his recordings with audio samples you can listen to, such as playing:

Rachmaninov's Concerto No.2 (3rd movement):  Listen | Listen | More samples


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