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BEETHOVEN: The Complete Piano Works

The first ever truly complete recording of
Beethoven’s entire Piano Solo Works
on the modern piano

a major recorded achievement


the greatest recorded achievement of the 250th anniversary

The Spectator

Artamag - review by Jean-Charles Hoffelé
COMPLETENESS, 4 January 2020

It is no secret that the natural timbre of Martino Tirimo is one of the most beautiful among today’s pianists

a classic balance is used in Beethoven to erase moods and allow the music to be heard first and foremost

an amazing 'Hammerklavier' of controlled power

It is an overwhelming lyric journey which crowns a unique complete set

This rare project presents perhaps one of the most significant collections in classical music. The works can be heard in chronological order from Beethoven‘s earliest compositions at the age of 12 right up to the final short pieces of 1825, written some 18 months before his death. This presentation displays the composer’s remarkable development from the influence of Haydn and Mozart in his youthful works to his own idiomatic language of the middle period and, finally, to the heights of great spiritual depth in the works of the final 10 years or so.

The Spectator - article by Damian Thompson
18 July 2020

The article compares many different recordings of the Beethoven Piano sonatas and concludes that:

one new cycle sweeps all before it

It's decades since a pianist has managed to convey such an overwhelming sense that we’re listening to pure Beethoven. And there are 20 hours of it - surely the greatest recorded achievement of this anniversary year.

His journey, made under extraordinarily difficult circumstances, is one of the most astonishing in all music and it is one which very much determined the future direction of classical music. Without Beethoven’s immense influence, who knows what would have followed Mozart?

Gramophone - review by Jed Distler
Focus issue, December 2019

a pianistic parallel to Otto Klemperer

The profoundest sonata slow movements may reach their emotional boiling temperature in the manner of Arrau, yet Tirimo’s long-lined concentration and sense of proportion are gripping on their own terms.

Collectors… who are interested as much in Beethoven's creative process as in the ensuing end results should give Tirimo's fastidious and mindful artistry its due … a major recorded achievement.

After recording all the works, and also in his research for the writing of all the Notes for the booklet, Martino has concluded that there is a much more human side to Beethoven’s personality than the image that is often portrayed. His kindness, sweetness, humour and romantic fervour are not qualities one readily associates with him, and yet they abound in his music. Perhaps the surprise in this Collection are some of the lesser-known or rarely performed works, such as the Dances, many Variation sets and a variety of single pieces including Preludes, Rondos and Bagatelles. Other pieces, like the inspiring Fantasy Op.77, demonstrate magnificently his extraordinary gift for improvisation.

Fono Forum - review by Ingo Harden
Recommendation of the month, January 2020

Tirimo’s pianism is without question first class… a model of musical craftsmanship.

Also, in celebration of the composer’s 250th anniversary of birth, Martino will be giving numerous Beethoven concerts and series over the next three years.

Piano News - review by Carsten Dürer
October 2019

the outstanding achievement of this box of the complete solo piano works of Ludwig van Beethoven offers a curtain-raiser to the coming Beethoven year that surely not many will be able to emulate.

Piano Journal - Cover issue and interview by Murray McLachlan, December 2019

[Tirimo’s] latest marathon is unique in the 21st century

a Herculean feat

a deeply impressive legacy

revelatory and inspiring

An inspiring poet of the piano... a pianist of vision... his playing is among the most haunting and fascinating of all.

The Daily Telegraph

With the Vienna Philharmonic in Athens

A formidable virtuoso and one with unmistakeable magnetism.

The Guardian

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