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Schubert Complete Piano Sonatas

Record label: Warner Classics

Boxed set: Warner Classics 9 84685 2 2

Recorded: November 1995 to July 1996

Recorded at: St Phillip's, Norbury and Forde Abbey, Dorset

Producer: Chris Cracker

Balance engineer: Simon Rhodes

Tape editor: Black Box Music Ltd

    Disc contents   Samples   Playing Time
Volume I   Sonata No.18 in G - D894
Sonata No.5 in A flat - D557
Sonata No.3 in E - D459
  Listen   78'30
Volume II   Sonata No.17 in D - D850
Sonata No.2 in C - D279
  Listen   70'21
Volume III   Sonata No.19 in C minor - D958
Sonata No.9 in F sharp - D571
Sonata No.1 in E - D157
  Listen   76'57
Volume IV   Sonata No.20 in A - D959
Sonata No.11 in C - D613
Sonata No.4 in A minor - D537
  Listen   77'58
Volume V   Sonata No.16 in A minor - D845
Sonata No.15 in C 'Reliquie' - D840
  Listen   75'13
Volume VI   Sonata No.14 in A minor - D784
Sonata No.12 in F minor - D625
Sonata No.7 in D flat - D567
  Listen   69'29
Volume VII   Sonata No.13 in A - D664
Sonata No.10 in B - D575
Sonata No.8 in E flat - D568
  Listen   71'37
Volume VIII   Sonata No.21 in B falt - D960
Sonata in C sharp minor - D655
Sonata in E minor - D769a
Sonata No.6 in E minor - D566
  Listen   70'27