Beethoven Complete Piano Works

Record label: Hänssler Classic

Boxed set (16 CDs): HC 19032

Recorded: 2008 - 2018

Recorded at: Leipzig Gewandhaus, Germany

Producers and sound engineers:
Holger Busse, Alfredo Lasheras Hakobian,
Michael Silberhorn, Christopher Tarnow

Disc contents   Playing

CD 1

Nine Variations in C minor on a March by Ernst Christoph Dressler, WoO63

Sonata in E flat major, WoO47 No.1

Sonata in F minor, WoO47 No.2

Sonata in D major, WoO47 No.3

Rondo D major, WoO48

Rondo A major, WoO49

Sonatina in G major, Kinsky-Halm Anh.5 No.1

Sonatina in F major, Kinsky-Halm Anh.5 No.2

Minuet in F major, WoO217

Andante C major, WoO211

Two movements of a Sonatina in F major, WoO50

Two Preludes C major, Op.39


CD 2

Six Easy Variations on a Swiss Air in F major, WoO64

24 Variations on the Arietta 'Venni amore' by Vincenzo Maria Righini in D major, WoO65

Seven Kontretänze WoO14

13 Variations on the Arietta 'Es war einmal ein alter Mann' from the Singspiel "Das rote Käppchen" by Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf in A major, WoO66

12 German Dances, WoO13

Seven Variations on the Quartet 'Kind, willst du ruhig schlafen' from the opera "Das unterbrochene Opferfest" by Peter Winter in F major, WoO75

Allemande A major, WoO81


CD 3

Sonata F minor, Op.2 No.1

Sonata A major, Op.2 No.2

Sonata A major, Op.2 No.2

Nine Variations on the theme 'Quant'è più bello' from the opera "La Molinara" by Giovanni Paisiello in A major, WoO69


CD 4

12 Minuets, WoO7

12 Variations on the 'Menuett à la Viganò' from the ballet "Le nozze disturbante" by Jakob Haibel in C major, WoO68

12 German Dances, WoO8

Six Variations on the duet 'Nel cor più non mi sento' from the opera "La Molinara" by Giovanni Paisiello in G major, WoO70

Alla Ingharese quasi un Capriccio in G major, Op.129 ('Rage over a lost penny, vented in a Caprice')

Bagatelle in C minor, WoO52

Rondo in B flat major, Kinsky-Halm Anh.6


CD 5

Sonata in G major, Op.49 No.2

Eight Variations on the theme 'Une fièvre brûlante' from the opera "Richard Coeur de Lion" by André-Ernest-Modeste Grétry in C major, WoO72

Sonata in C minor, Op.10 No.1

Six Minuets, WoO10

12 Variations on the Russian Dance from the ballet "Das Waldmädchen" by Paul Wranitsky in A major, WoO71

Sonata in F major, Op.10 No.2


CD 6

Rondo in C major, Op.51 No.1

Sonata in E flat major, Op.7

Allegretto in C minor, WoO53

Easy Sonata in C major, WoO51

Sonata in D major, Op.10 No.3

Sonata in G minor, Op.49 No.1


CD 7

Sonata in C minor, Op.13 'Pathétique'

Rondo in G major, Op.51 No.2

Sonata in E major, Op.14 No.1

Sonata in G major, Op.14 No.2

10 Variations on the theme 'La stessa, la stessissima' from the opera "Falstaff" by Antonio Salieri in B flat major, WoO73

Eight Variations on the Trio 'Tandel und Scherzen' from the opera "Soliman II or The three Sultaninnen" by Franz Xaver Süssmayr in F major, WoO76


CD 8

Seven Ländlerische Dances, WoO11

Sonata in B flat major, Op.22

Six Easy Variations on an original theme in G major, WoO77

Sonata in A flat major, Op.26

Sonata in E flat major, Op.27 No.1 'Quasi una fantasia'


CD 9

Sonata in C sharp minor, Op.27 No.2 'Moonlight'

Sonata in D major, Op.28 'Pastoral'

Seven Bagatelles, Op.33

Piano piece in C major, WoO54 'Lustig und traurig'

Six Ländlerische Dances, WoO15


CD 10

Six Variations in F major, Op.34

15 Variations with a Fugue in E flat major, Op.35 'Eroica'

Sonata in G major, Op.31 No.1

Seven Variations on the English folk tune "God save the King" in C major, WoO78


CD 11

Sonata in D minor, Op.31 No.2 'Tempest'

Sonata in E flat major, Op.31 No.3 'Hunt'

Sonata in C major, Op.53 'Waldstein'


CD 12

Five Variations on the English folk tune "Rule Brittania" in D major, WoO79

Minuet in E flat major, WoO82

Prelude in F minor, WoO55

Andante (favori) in F major, WoO57

Bagatelle in C major, WoO56

Sonata in F major, Op.54

Sonata in F minor Op.57 'Appassionata'

Six Ecossaises, WoO83

32 Variations in C minor, WoO80

Piano Piece in A minor, WoO59 'Für Elise'


CD 13

Fantasy in G minor, Op.77

Sonata in F sharp major, Op.78

Six Variations in D major, Op.76 'The Ruins of Athens'

Sonata in G major, Op.79

Sonata in E flat major, Op.81a 'Les Adieux'

Polonaise in C major, Op.89

Sonata in E minor, Op.90


CD 14

Sonata in A major, Op.101

Sonata in B flat major, Op.106 'Hammerklavier'

11 Bagatelles (Neue Bagatellen), Op.119


CD 15

Klavierstück (Piano Piece) in B flat major, WoO60

Sonata in E major, Op.109

Sonata in A flat major, Op.110

Sonata in C minor, Op.111

Klavierstück (Piano Piece) in B minor, WoO61


CD 16

33 Variations on a Waltz by Anton Diabelli Op.120

Six Bagatelles, Op.126

Waltz in E flat major, WoO

Klavierstück (Piano piece) in G minor, WoO61a

Waltz in D major, WoO85

Ecossaise in E flat major, WoO86